Alumni Theses/Dissertations

NameProgramDegreeTypeYearAdvisorTitleSupplemental Information
Abbot, John C.GeologyMastersThesis1995GoodwinConstraints on the deformational history of the Tijeras Canoncito fault system, north-central New Mexico
Abel, Aaron P.HydrologyMastersThesis2007WilsonCO2 sequestration in the Permian Basin: Examination of above-ground mineralization and subsurface solubility trapping capacities and evaluation of Dawsonite kinetics in geologic sequestration
Abeyta, Reyna L.GeologyMastersThesis2003NormanEpithermal gold mineralization of the San Nicolas Vein, El Cubo Mine, Guanajuato, Mexico: Trace element distribution fluid inclusion microthermometry and gas chemistry
Abramson, Beth S.GeologyMastersThesis1981NormanThe mineralizing fluids responsible for skarn and ore formation at the Continental Mine, Fierro, New Mexico, in light of REE analysis and fluid inclusion studies
Agezo, Francis S.GeologyMastersIndependent Study1995NormanMineralogy, alteration and fluid inclusion study of the Lordsburg Mining District, Hidalgo county, New Mexico
Agnew, Diane K.HydrologyMastersThesis2006BowmanEvaluation of surfactant-modified zeolite for the removal of giardia lamblia from contaminated waters
Aguilar-Chang, Julio C.GeophysicsMastersIndependent Study1990KnappX - Seismic refraction survey of the Santa Fe group, lower Rio Salado, NM
Ahmad, Moid U.HydrologyMastersThesis1960HolmesA laboratory study of streaming potential
Ake, Jon P.GeophysicsMastersIndependent Study1984SanfordAn analysis of the May and July 1983, Socorro Mountain microearthquakes swarms
Ake, Jon P.GeophysicsPhDDissertation1988SanfordInternal structure of a magma body at mid-crustal depths near Socorro, New Mexico, deduced from microearthquake reflections
Alexander, Robert R.GeologyMastersIndependent Study1991Campbell1990 site investigation and benzene hazard assessment at the Bass Site in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Alford, Dean E.GeologyMastersThesis1987CondieGeology and geochemistry of the Hembrillo Canyon Succession, San Andres Mountains, Sierra and Dona Ana Counties, New Mexico
Ali, MaqsoodGeologyMastersIndependent Study1993Mozley Small scale permeability heterogeneities: A correlative study of permeability and corresponding pore morphologies using minipermeameter and petrographic analysis
Ali, MaqsoodGeologyPhDDissertation1997MozleyImproved geological characterization of old hydrocarbon fields with sparse control points: A case study from the Sulimar Queen field, southeast New Mexico
Alkov, NicoleHydrologyMastersThesis2008HendrickxRemote sensing of fire effects on tamarisk evapotranspiration and regeneration
Allan, ReidGeologyMastersIndependent Study1998SmithStratigraphy carbonate petrology, paleoenvironmental analysis, and geologic control on mineralization of the Jones Camp Dike region, Socorro County, New Mexico
Allen, JamesGeophysicsMastersIndependent Study2002SchlueUpper crustal structure in the central Rio Grande Rift from Rayleigh wave group velocities
Allen, PhillipGeologyMastersThesis1979CondieGeology of the west flank of the Magdalena Mountains south of the Kelly Mining District, Socorro County, New Mexico
Allen, PhillipGeologyPhDDissertation1985CondieThe geochemistry of the amphibolite-granulite facies transition in central south India
Allmendinger, RogerGeologyMastersThesis1971BeaneHydrologic control over the origin in gypsum at Lake Lucero, White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
Allmendinger, RogerGeochemistryPhDDissertation1975BeaneA model for ore-genesis in the Hansonburg mining district, New Mexico
Alptekin, OmerGeophysicsPhDDissertation1973SanfordFocal mechanisms of earthquakes in western Turkey and their tectonic implications
Altare, CraigHydrologyMastersThesis2006BowmanRegeneration and long-term stability of surfactant-modified zeolite for removal of volatile organic compounds from produced water
Altares III, TimothyGeologyMastersThesis1990JohnsonStratigraphic description and paleoenvironments of the Bursum Formation, Socorro County, New Mexico
Alvarado-Trujillo, RafaelGeophysicsMastersThesis2004Aster
Amarante, Jose
Amin, Isam
Amindyas, Cornelius
Anderholm, Scott
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, Katherine
Anderson, Kent