Axen – Student Advisees

New Mexico Tech

Student Advisees – Active

  • Chirigos, Michael, M.S. expected 2019 (research and academic adviser), Evolution and mechanics of an Eocene soft-sediment landslide mass and fault-rocks at its base from geologic mapping, structural analysis, and structure-from-
  • Soundy, Katrina, M.S. expected 2018 (research advisor), Evolution of paleoseismic versus paleocreeping fault rocks from the West Salton detachment fault.
  • Lutz, Brandon, Ph.D. expected 2020 (research and academic advisor), topic: 3D reconstructions of the Death Valley extended terrain.
  • Sion, Brad, Ph.D. expected 2017 (research advisor, Fred Phillips co-advisor & academic advisor), topic: Deformation of river terraces by uplift related to the Socorro Magma Body and active normal faults of the Rio Grande rift. Co-advised