Bilek – Students and Post Docs

Current Ph.D. Students

Emily Morton

  • Project: Detection of small earthquakes in the Cascadia subduction zone
  • Email: Emily.Morton at

Rio Diniakos

  • Project: TBD
  • Email: Rio.Diniakos at

Rhiannon Vieceli

  • Project: Detection and relocation of seismicity in the Socorro Magma Body region
  • Email: Rhiannon.Vieceli at


Current M.S. Students

Kat Szatkowski

  • Project: Mexico subduction zone earthquakes
  • Email: kszatkow at

Jonathan Schmidt

  • Project: Using a mixed-mode seismic array to explore Socorro Magma Body processes
  • Email: jschmi00 at

Previous Students

Rosalynn Wang

  • M.S. Geophysics (2016)
  • Project: Examining earthquake source variations in the Mexico subduction zone

Holly Rotman

  • Ph.D. Earth Science (Geophysics) (2015)
  • Project: Exploring earthquake source variations along Nicaragua and Costa Rica

Stanislav Edel

  • M.S. Geophysics (2015)
  • Project: Examining induced seismicity in SE New Mexico

Steven Bernsen

  • M.S. Geophysics (2015)
  • Project: Glacial stick slip events in Antarctica

Emily Morton

  • M.S. Geophysics (2013)
  • Project: New Mexico triggered seismicity and detecting events in NM swarms

Maya El-Hariri

  • Ph.D. Earth Science (Geophysics) (2012)
  • Project: Defining subduction zone earthquake source parameter variations

Katherine Anderson

  • M.S. Geophysics (2012)
  • Project: Spatial patterns of earthquake source variations along the Chile subduction zone

Pamela Moyer

  • M.S. Geophysics (2010)
  • Project: Determining earthquake source parameters in Costa Rica and Japan

Christine Ruhl

  • M.S. Geophysics (2010)
  • Project: Socorro Magma Body seismicity

Jana Stankova-Pursley

  • M.S. Geophysics (2009)
  • Project: Apparent stress variations along the Costa Rica subduction zone

John Morton

  • M.S. Geophysics (2008) New Mexico Insititude of Mining and Technology
  • Project: Characterizing seismicity related to the Socorro Magma Body, New Mexico

Candy Elliott

  • M.S. Geophysics (2007) New Mexico Insititude of Mining and Technology
  • Project: Stress changes and seismicity related to the 1990 Nicoya Gulf earthquake, Costa Rica

Kimberly Schramm

  • Postdoctoral researcher 2006-2010
  • Projects: Examining explosion data recorded on Sandia network and developing velocity model for Yucca Mountain