Bilek – Teaching

I teach the following classes:

Earth Science 101, 101L- Earth Processes
This undergraduate course provides an overview of introductory geology and the geologic processes that shape our planet.

Earth Science 150, 150L- The Catastrophic Earth
This undergraduate course introduces scientific principles behind natural disasters that affect our planet. Emphasis is placed on plate tectonics, weather, and geologic processes with a focus on case studies of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, landslides, severe weather, and meteorite impacts. Students have the opportunity to work with data to examine details of various hazards, as well as keep a disaster log throughout the semester to record current events.

Earth Science 448 – General Geophysics
This course provides a foundation in the solid Earth geophysics. Topics include the origin of the Earth, structure and internal properties of the Earth, gravity, magnetic, and temperature fields of the Earth, and the origin of the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, and surface features.

Geophysics 501 – Computational Methods for Geoscientists
This graduate level course teaching basic Python programming and other software programs that are critical for geoscientists today to analyze data and present their results.

Geophysics 524 – Observational Earthquake Seismology
This graduate level course focuses on how earthquake data and observations tell us about the structure of the Earth and the earthquake process itself. The course is structured giving students many opportunities using real data to make measurements and observations in the form of data analysis exercises. Student presentations throughout the semester review recent journal articles covering various observations and techniques in seismology.

Geophysics 525 – Tectonophysics
This graduate level course is an analytical study of the problems of earthquake generation, faulting, mountain building, and volcanism. Emphasis is placed upon the formulation of mathematical models which explain the physical observations.

Geophysics 558: Mechanics of Earthquakes and Faulting
Graduate/upper division undergraduate course focusing on observational and theoretical aspects of brittle failure in the Earth. Fracture mechanics, fault zone geometry and structure, earthquake sources, and seismic hazard topics are covered in a combination of lecture and seminar discussion format.

Geophysics 572: Central America Seismicity
Graduate level course focusing on specific research on Central American earthquakes. The course is a mix of seminar-based discussions of relevant journal articles as well as hands-on research activities including determination of earthquake parameters and stress transfer within the Central American subduction zone. Offered based on student interest.

Geophysics 572: Subduction Zone Processes
Graduate level course focusing Examination of subduction zone processes, including: seismicity, tsunamigenesis, hydrogeology, heat generation/transport, and diagenesis/metamorphism.  Offered based on student interest.