Binding and Laminating Equipment

The office staff in MSEC 208 will be happy to assist you with this equipment that is across the hall in the classroom on the back table.


The department has the following equipment in MSEC 203 for binding documents:

  • Plastic comb binder
  • Wire binder
  • Velo binder

The binders include the machines for punching the holes and a supply of various sizes of plastic combs and wires. The velo binder is a 4-pin re-closable binding system, not a “hot-knife” system.


Please ask the office staff for instructions before using the laminator!

The department has a heat laminator that will laminate items up to 11.5 inches wide. It is a “big-mouth” laminator, so it will also laminate mount and pouch boards, which are 0.2-inch-thick foam core. Supplies in stock include the following:

  • 9″ x 11.5″ clear pouches in 3 mil, 5 mil, and 10 mil thicknesses
  • 9″ x 11.5″ pouch boards (clear laminating film on a 0.2 inch foam board)
    • (11.5″ x 17.5″ on order)
  • 8.5″ x 11″ mount boards (just the 0.2 inch foam board with no lamination)
  • 2.5″ x 4.25″ clear pouches with slots, 5 mil thickness
  • 2.25″ x 3.75″ clear pouches (business card size), 5 mil thickness
  • 2 3/8″ x 3.5″ clear pouches (id tag size), 5 mil thickness

A variety of sizes and thickness are available up to 11.5″ x 17.5″ in size and 15 mil thickness.

Please see the office staff for assistance with this equipment, especially the laminator. There is no charge to use this equipment unless you plan to use a significant amount of supplies.