Campbell – CV

Department of Earth and Environmental Science
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Socorro, New Mexico 87801
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1983  Harvard University, Ph.D. in Economic Geology
1979  Harvard University, M.A. in Geology
1977  Indiana University, B.S. with Distinction and Honors in Geology


1983-Present: Assistant, Associate, Full Professor of Geology, Department of E&ES,
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Socorro, New Mexico
1977-83: Technician in charge of maintenance and use of X-ray lab (Harvard University)
1979-81: Teaching Assistant for Intro. Mineralogy (Harvard Univ.)
1977: Summer Geologist for Iron Ore Co. of Canada
1976 Teaching assistant for Indiana Univ. field camp
1976: Teaching assistant for Intro. Mineralogy (Indiana Univ.)


1987   Organizing Committee for first PACROFI Fluid Inclusion Conference
1991-1994  Associate Editor Economic Geology
1993   Co-organizer, Fluid Inclusion Users School at NMIMT
1995-1998  Co-editor, Society of Economic Geologists Newsletter

1994-2000  Coordinator of Geology/Geochemistry Program
1997-1999  Chair Institute Senate
1997-1999  Member NMIMT Executive Cabinet
2001-          Associate Department Chair (to be chair in 2002)

Origin of Ore Deposits; Mineralogy; Stable Isotope Geochemistry; Mass Spectrometry; Field Camp; Experimental Mineralogy; Environmental Geology; Metamorphic Petrology; Fluid Inclusions; Ore Deposits Field Trip; Ore Deposits Seminar; Graduate Seminar.

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A. Current Support:

Supporting Agency Title Amount Period Mo. Location
NSF Infrared microscopy of pyrite $116,000 1/97 3 NMIMT

B. Pending Support:

Infrared microscope investigation of fluid inclusions in opaque minerals, SMMRRI, $9,000, 7/84-6/85.

Application of infrared microscopy to ore deposits, Petroleum Research Fund ? ACS, $15,000, 8/84-7/87.

A stable isotope investigation of vapor transport during groundwater recharge in New Mexico, WRRI, $46,000, 9/86-8/88.  Co-PI with Fred Phillips.

Carbon and oxygen isotopes in ore deposit research, SMMRRI, $7,000, 7/85-6/86.

Field work in China, National Academy of Sciences, Travel expenses, . $5,000, 12/87.

Investigation of fluid inclusions in opaque minerals using infra-red microscopy, NSF, $47,906, 2/87-6/89.

Research Experience for Undergraduate supplement, NSF, $3,700, 2/87-1/89.

A reconstruction of the response of the water balance in the western US lake basins to climatic change, USGS, Co-PI with Fred Phillips, $237,228, 9/86-8/89.

Acquisition of a stable isotope facility, NSF and NMIMT, $218,000, 4/89-10/89.

Faculty Fellowship, Associated Western Universities, $3,400, 6/89-7/89.

The Role of Magmatic Water in REE deposits, NMIMT Research Council, $4,200, 5/90-11/90.

A Stable Isotope Investigation of Ground Water near the Wipp site, N.M., Sandia & EEG, $47,500, 6/90-5/91.

Gold Mineralization in the Nogal Mining District, SMMRRI, $14,400, 7/90-6/92.

A Geochemical Model of Magmatic-hydrothermal REE Mineralization in the Capitan Mts., NM, NSF, $59,800, 5/91-6/94.

Fluorite Geochemistry:  An Exploration Tool, SMMRRI, $6,000, 1/93-12/93.

Stable isotope study of Soil water, WIPP site NM:  Estimation of recharge to the Rustler aquifers, WERC, $150,000, 3/91-1/95.

Controlled Field Studies of Stable Isotope Profiles (Co-PI with Fred Phillips), Sandia, $50,000, 10/92-9/94.

Mobility of Elements During K-metasomatism by Alkaline, Saline Brines, NSF, $84,600, 9/92-4/95.

Upgrade of Infra-red Microscopy Facilities, NSF and NMIMT, $46,750, 2/93-9/95.

Petrographic and Geochemical correlation of carbonate-cemented horizons in siliciclastic rocks (Co-PI with Peter Mozley), PRF, $50,000, 9/94-8/97.

Dating mineralization by 40Ar/39Ar in fluid inclusions, NSF, $84,500, 1/96-6/98.