Campbell – Student Advisees

Current M.S. Student Advisees

Fairbanks, Jeremy – jeremy.fairbanks at
M.S. Student, Geochemistry
B.A. Earth & Env. Sciences (2006) Wesleyan University

McGill, Becky – bmcgill at
M.S. Student, Geology
B.S. Geology (2002) New Mexico Tech

Lindholm, Melissa – mlindhol at
M.S. Student, Geology
B.A. Geology, Bryn Mawr College

Samuels, Kimberly – ksamuels at
M.S. Student, Geochemistry
B.S. Earth & Planetary Science (2006) University of New Mexico


Current Ph.D. Student Advisees

Owens, Lara – lara at
Ph.D. Student, Research/Teaching Assistant, Geochemistry
B.S. Geoscience (2003) Penn State University
M.S. Geochemistry (2008) New Mexico Tech

Rowe, Amanda – arowe at
Ph.D. Candidate, Teaching Assistant, Geology
B.S. University of Akron in Ohio
M.S. Geology (2005) New Mexico Tech

Sanders, Robert – sanders at
Ph.D. Student, Research/Teaching Assistant, Geochemistry
B.A. Geology (1999) Colorado College
M.S. Geochemistry (2005) New Mexico Tech

Velador, Jesus – jvelador at
Ph.D. Student, Geology
B.S. Geology (1998) University of Chihuahua
M.S. Geology (2003) University of Texas at El Paso

Recent Graduates

Graf, Gabriel James – Gabriel.Graf at
M.S. Geology, May 2008

Murillo Maikut, Stephanie M.
M.S. Geology, May 2008

Burney, David W.
M.S. Geology, 2006

Odette, Jason
M.S. Geology, Spring 2005

McIntosh, Amber – amcintos at
M.S. Geology, Spring 2004

Pandey, Subha K.M.
M.S. Geochemistry, 2004

McCuddy, Sean
M.S. Geology, Spring 2003

Donahue, Kelly M.
M.S. Geochemistry, 2002

Amarante, Jose F. A.
M.S. Geology, 2001

Mioduchowski, Andrew P.
M.S. Geochemistry, 2001