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FacultyResearch InterestsContact Information
Axen, Gary

Professor of Geology

PhD Harvard University
continental tectonics and fault mechanics; extensional, convergent, and wrench settingsOffice: MSEC 344
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5178
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: gary.axen at nmt.edu
Bilek, Susan L.

Professor of Geophysics

PhD University of California, Santa Cruz
earthquake rupture processes; stresses and structure of fault zones; shallow subduction zone processes; tsunami generation; fault zone material properties; Central America tectonicsOffice: MSEC 358
Phone: +1 (575) 835-6510
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: Susan.Bilek at nmt.edu
Bonamici, Chloë

Assistant Professor of Geochemistry

PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison
Geochemistry, petrology, and structural geologyOffice: MSEC 346
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5414
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: chloe.bonamici at nmt.edu
Cadol, Daniel

Associate Professor of Hydrology

PhD Colorado State University
ecohydrology and ecohydraulics, surface water hydrology, stream-forest interactions, large woody debris, tidal marsh morphodynamicsOffice: MSEC 246
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5645
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: daniel.cadol at nmt.edu
Gomez-Velez, Jesus

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD New Mexico Tech
Groundwater-surface water interactions, hydrogeology, watershed hydrology, analytical and numerical modeling, data mining and assimilation.Office: MSEC 242
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5045
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: jesus.gomezvelez at nmt.edu
Grapenthin, Ronni

Assistant Professor of Geophysics

PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks
crustal deformation (volcano geodesy, earthquake mechanics, isostatic adjustments), (esoteric) GPS applications and general geodetic measurements, real-time earthquake and volcano hazard evaluation and mitigationOffice: MSEC 356
Email: rg at nmt.edu
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5924
Harrison, Bruce

Associate Professor of Geology, Associate Dept. Chair

PhD University of New Mexico
soil properties, recurrence intervals of earthquakes, soil salinization in arid environments, soil stabilityOffice: MSEC 342
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5864
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: bruce at nmt.edu
Leary, Kate

Visiting Assistant Professor of Hydrology

Ph.D. Candidate Arizona State University
surface processes, fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport, and process sedimentology.Office: TBD Spring 2018
Email: learykcp at gmail.com
Leary, Ryan

Assistant Professor of Geology

PhD University of Arizona
global tectonics, the interaction of orogenic belts and sedimentary basins, clastic depositional systems and processes, terrestrial paleoclimate records, and petroleum geologyOffice: TBD Spring 2018
Email: ryan.leary at nmt.edu
Luhmann, Andrew

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
karst hydrogeology, aqueous geochemistry, fluid-rock interaction, geologic carbon sequestrationOffice: MSEC 244
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5029
Email: andrew.luhmann at nmt.edu
Maher, Kierran

Assistant Professor of Economic Geology

PhD Washington State University
Geochemistry and mineralogy of ore deposits, distal expressions of hydrothermal systems, copper isotope systematicsOffice: MSEC 310
Phone: +1 (575) 835-6354
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: kierran.maher at nmt.edu
Mao, Deqiang

Assistant Professor of Hydrology

PhD University of Arizona
Hydrogeology, Inverse Methods, HydrogeophysicsOffice: MSEC 240
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5441
Email: deqiang.mao at nmt.edu
Mozley, Peter S.

Professor of Geology and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara
sedimentary petrology, diagenesis, geological carbon sequestration, and petroleum and environmental geologyOffice: Brown Hall 200 B
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5311
Email: peter.mozley at nmt.edu
Person, Mark

Professor of Hydrology

PhD Johns Hopkins University
paleohydrology, basin-scale numerical modeling, geothermal systems, role of groundwater in geologic processesOffice: MSEC 248
Phone: +1 (575) 835-6506
Email: mperson at nmt.edu
Reusch, David B.

Associate Research Professor of Climatology

PhD Pennsylvania State University
Artificial neural network (ANN) applications in the geosciences, meteorology and climatology; polar meteorology and climatology; ice cores as recorders of (paleo)climate; climate modeling and climate change; sea ice and climateOffice: MSEC 304
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5404
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: dreusch at nmt.edu
Spinelli, Glenn

Department Chair

Professor of Geophysics

PhD University of California, Santa Cruz
marine hydrogeology, groundwater-surface water interactions, sediment physical propertiesOffice: MSEC 214
Phone: +1 (575) 835-6379
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: glenn.spinelli at nmt.edu
Ulmer-Scholle, Dana S.

Associate Research Professor of Geology

PhD Southern Methodist University
carbonate diagenesis; sedimentary petrography; fluid inclusions & thermal and fluid histories of carbonate basins; modern carbonate depositional environments; computer-based applications & geological trainingOffice: MSEC 318
Phone: +1 (575) 835-5673
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: dulmer at nmt.edu
Van-Wijk Jolante

Associate Professor of Geophysics

PhD Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Geodynamics; Basin Modeling, Petroleum System ModelingOffice: MSEC 354
Phone: +1 (575) 835-6661
Fax: +1 (575) 835-6436
Email: jolante.vanwijk at nmt.edu
Wells, Stephen

Professor of Geology

PhD University of Cincinnati
Geomorphology; Sedimentology; Stratigraphy; Response of geologic systems to climate transitions; Soil and desert pavement development; Tectonic processes; Response of rivers systems to wild firesClick Here


Condie, Kent C.

Professor Emeritus of Geochemistry

PhD University of California, San Diego
Hendrickx, Jan M. H.

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

PhD New Mexico State University
Kyle, Phillip R.

Professor Emeritus of Geochemistry

PhD Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Phillips, Fred

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

PhD University of Arizona
Wilson, John L.

Professor Emeritus of Hydrology

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Budding, Antonius J.

Professor Emeritus of Geology

PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Campbell, Andrew

Professor Emeritus of Geology

PhD Harvard University
Gross, Gerardo W.

Professor Emeritus of Geophysics

PhD Pennsylvania State University
Johnson, David B.

Professor Emeritus of Geology, Emeritus Dean of Graduate Studies

PhD University of Iowa
Lattman, Laurence H.

Professor Emeritus of Geology, President Emeritus of New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

PhD University of Cincinnati
Schlue, John

Professor Emeritus of Geophysics

PhD University of California at Los Angeles


Phil Miller

  • Lecturer for ERTH 412 – GEOL 512, Geographic Information Systems