Harrison – Research

My current research projects include evaluating different relative dating methods to determine recurrence intervals of earthquakes in the Southern Arava rift; using soil properties to identify through flow pathways in a small first order drainage basin in the Negev Desert; identifying potential salinization problems associated with growing trees in arid environments; and using soils to determine the stability of the Nizzana longitudinal sand dune field.

Current research projects center around two fields of interest:

  • Using soils to evaluate timing of tectonic events in New Mexico, Israel, and Jordan,
  • Considering the effect of spatial variation in soil properties on hydrological processes.

I am working with Jan Hendrickx on evaluating the relationship between depth of groundwater, soil stratigraphy, and soil salinity. This is to aid in revegetation strategies for the Rio Grand Bosque.

We are also working with the Biology Department at the University of New Mexico to develop a soil water balance model for the Sevilleta wildlife refuge north of Socorro.