Harrison – Student Advisees

Current Students

Feldman, Anthony – anthony.feldman@student.nmt.edu
M.S Student, Research and Teaching Assistant, Geology
B.S Earth Science-Geology (2015) University of Miami (FL)
Thesis: Glacial Age Correlations and Pedogenesis Rates at Long Valley, Costilla Masif, Northern New Mexico

Recent Graduates

Cikoski, Colin – ccikoski@nmt.edu
M..S Student, Teaching Assistant, Geology
B.S Earth Science-Geology (2007) New Mexico Tech

Majkowski-Taylor, Lisa – lisamt@nmt.edu
M.S. Student, Geology
B.S. Geology (2002) New Mexico Tech

Rinehart, Alex – rinehart@nmt.edu
Ph.D. Student, Geology
B.S. Mathematics (2004) University of New Mexico
M.S. Hydrology (expected 2008) New Mexico Tech

McLin, Ryan
M.S. Geology, 2007
Thesis: Quantifying the Influence of Calcium Carbonate Accumulation on the Hydroregoc Properties of Three Semi Arid Soils: Socorro, New Mexico

Rittel, Carson
M.S. Geology, 2005
Thesis: An offset alluvial fan soil chronosequence of Little Rock Creek along the Mojave section of the San Andreas Fault, Los Angeles county, CA

Rosen, Joy
M.S. Geology, Fall 2004
Thesis: Land use types, soil properties, and uranium phytoaccumulation at two abandoned mine sites in NW New Mexico

Lennane, Jason
M.S. Geology, Spring 2003
Thesis: Controls on hydrocarbon accumulations in the lower Brushy Canyon Formation, SE New Mexico

Goldstein, Harland L.
M.S. Geology, 2001
Thesis: Spatial variation in soils developed on fluvial terraces, Socorro Basin, Rio Grande Rift, Central New Mexico