Hendrickx – Student Advisees

Current M.S. Student Advisees

Nicole Alkov – nicole at nmt.edu
B.S. Earth Science 2004, University of California, Santa Cruz

Emily Engle – eengle at nmt.edu
B.S. Earth Science 2004, Univ of North Carolina at Charlotte

Katherine Fleming – flemingk at nmt.edu
B.S. Geological Sciences & History 2003, University of Michigan

Drew Haerer – haeredm1 at nmt.edu
B.S. Environmental Science 2005, Juniata College

Recent Graduates

Dan Dolmar, M.S. 2001, History matching and model validation for the 1D unsaturated flow code “HYDRUS” using data from a 600-year-old tracer signal at an abandoned Native American Pueblo.

Jesus David Gomez Velez, M.S. 2008, Sensible and latent heat flux estimation using optical scintillometry.

Sung Ho Hong, Ph.D. 2008, Mapping Regional Distributions of Energy Balance Components Using Optical Remotely Sensed Imagery.

Sung Ho Hong, M.S. 2002, Estimation of Regional Evapotranspiration and Soil Moisture in the Western United States through Optical Remote Sensing with SEBAL.

Annie Kearns, M.S. 1998, Temporal Variability of Precipitation Recharge in Semi-Arid New Mexico. Currently with Brownfields Program, New Mexico Environment Department.

Geoffrey S. Marshall, M.S. 2005, Drought detection using remote sensing of vegetation in semi-arid regions.

Tim Miller, M.S. 2002, Using a ground penetrating radar system to test the hypothesis that buried land mines are easier to identify with increasing water content. Currently a Hydrologist for the Bureau of Reclamation.

Behnaum Moayyad, M.S. 2001, Importance of groundwater depth, soil texture, and rooting depth on arid riparian evapotranspiration.

Heather Shannon, M.S. 2006, Fluid transport through a variably saturated rock pile hillslope system.

Tzung-mow (Mike) Yao, Ph.D. 1998, Prediction of Wetting front Instability in Homogeneous Soils- Empirical Approach and Mathematical Modeling. Currently at the University of Arizona, Soil Water and Environmental Science Department.