Hendrickx – Teaching

Below are some of the courses I have taught.

HYD 508: Flow and Transport in Hydrologic Systems. Principles of flow and transport in groundwater aquifers, the vadose zone, and surface water bodies. Mass, momentum and energy conservation. Storage, compressibility, capillarity, and Darcy’s law in porous media. Single phase, two phase and Richard’s equations approaches to flow in porous media. Flow in fractures and streams. Transport of non-reactive chemical species by advection, diffusion and dispersion in porous and fractured media, and surface water bodies.

HYD 517: Vadose-Zone Hydrology. Physical processes governing fluid, vapor, and solute movement between the land surface and the water table. Determination of soil physical properties in the laboratory and field. Measurement of soil water content and soil water tension. Spatial variability of soil properties. Unsaturated/saturated flow models. Multiphase flow.

HYD 572: Advanced Topics in Hydrology
Introduction to Remote Sensing (Spring 2002, Spring 2001, Spring 2000)
Multi-Scale Methods in Vadose Zone Hydrology (Spring 1999)