Ingar Walder

Visiting Professor of Mineral Engineering

Office: MSEC 340

Phone: 575-835-5059
Cellular: 575-322-0107

Fax: 575-835-6436
Email: (main)

PhD in Geochemistry, New Mexico Tech, 1993

Business Admin. Degree, Norwegian School of Economics, Oslo, Norway, 1989

MSc in Geology, University of Oslo, Mineralogical Geological Museum, Norway, 1985

20 years + of experience from consulting, teaching, and research working with/for goverments and mining companies on mining environmental issues.  Co-Founder of Kjeoy Research & Education Center in Northern Norway.  Dr. Walder has been working with many different mines (metals and industrial minerals) in South America, North America, Europe, Armenia.

Research Interests:

  • Mine Waste Management;
  • Acid/Neutral Rock Drainage
  • Reactive Transport Modeling;
  • Mineral Reaction Rates;
  • CO2 mineral sequestration
  • Metal Leaching;
  • Mineralprocessing by Leaching Technologies;
  • Hydrogeochemistry of Tailings and Waste Rock;
  • A/NRD Prediction Methods;
  • Guideline Development

Planned Courses Spring/Summer 2016

  • Mineral Procecssing ME589 3 credit
  • Hydrology and Geochemistry of tailings and waste rocks, GEOC572 3 credit
  • Mineral reaction rates, GEOC/ME 572 1 credit
  • Environmental Geochemistry Field Camp 6 credit, 6 weeks, at Kjeoy, Northern Norway (, can be used as substitute for GEOC507 (Hydrogeochemistry)
 Classes Taught at NMT
  • Environmental Geochemistry of Mining Activities, GEOC 589, fall 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016  3 credit
  • Reactive Transport Modeling with PreeqCi, GEOC589-2, 1 credit, Fall 2015, 2016 2 credit
  • Introduction to Mineral Processsing ME589, spring 2016, 3 credit
  • Hydrology and Geochemistry of tailings and waste rocks, GEOC572 2 credit, Fall 2015
  • Pit Lake Geochemistry, GEOC572 1 credit, Fall 2015
  • Mineral Processing by Leaching, GEOC571, Spring 2015,  3 credit
  • Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology, ERTH 380, Spring 2015 , 4 credit (Igneous part)
  • Hydrogeochemistry GEOC/HYD 507, fall 2013 & 2014, 3 credit
  • Water-Rock Interaction, GEOC 572, Spring 2014 , 3 credit
  • Introduction to Geochemistry, ERTH 390, Spring 2014 , 3 credit
  • Mine Waste Management, ME565, Fall courses 1995-1998

 Short Courses given 2-5 days

  • Mine-Waste Characterization, 2014, at SME annual meeting planned for SME 2016 annual meeting, 2 day short course
  • Environmental Geochemistry of Ore deposits and Mining Activities, 2-5 days short courses within Europe, North and South America, 1997-2013 (approx. 25 courses).
  • Hydrogeochemistry of Tailings and Waste Rocks, 3 day short course given 3 times

Ongoing Research Projects:

  • Sub-Sea tailings deposition , PhD student, funded by Norwegian Science Foundation and KREC, Norway
  • Hazardeous element leaching from uranium mine waste material in the Grants Mining District, New Mexico, Funded by EPSCoR, NM, NSF, one MSc student and one PhD student
  • New Mexico abandoned mines classification/characterization, two district near Socorro, (two MSc students one geotechnical and one geochemical oriented; New Mexico State funded) starting in January 2015. One student committed.
  • Environmental issues and nickel leaching from Råna Ni-olivine deposit.   One MSc student (started July 2016)
  • Characterization of abandoned mines in New Mexico under the abandoned mine lands program at State of New Mexico.  One MSc student.
  • Mineral Reaction rates of pure minerals 2 PhD students (same as above) one on sulfide minerals in sea water, one on uranium minerals
  • Copper, Lead, Zinc leaching from mine wastes at Sulitjelma Mine, Norway. MSc (started July 2016) and Senior Research Project, Privately Funded and Norwegian Science Foundation.  
  • Nickel leaching and extraction from Titania mine tailings, Norway, Senior Research Project, Privately Funded
  • Nickel leaching from Olivine using CO2 and High Voltage Electric Puls technology
  • Metal leaching from Bolivian silver-tin mine waste and use of sequential chemical extraction together with XRD analysis to estimate quantities of secondary sulfate minerals.     One PhD student at Univ. Miscolk, Hungary.

Projects waiting for students

  • Tailings leaching from Olav’s Mine, Roros mining district, Norway, Norwegian Science Foundation funded project (MSc)
  • Dolomite and “dirty” limestone leaching for producing chemical calcium carbonate precipitate (industry funded; Senior project / MSc)
  • Heap leaching/In-situ leaching of Sulitjelma copper-zinc VMS deposits (PhD; Norwegian Science Foundation funded; PhD student committed)
  • Processwater issues at the LKAB iron mines, Northern Sweden.  Element leaching from the ore and gangue minerals inclusion based or mineral reaction.   Can this resolve issues regarding the ore formation as well as hvaing a handle on the process/discharge water chemistry (PhD; mining company sponsored)

Dr. Walder’s research is connected with Kjeoy Research & Education Center, Norway (, where many of his students can do some or all of their research.

Recent Publications:

Walder, I.F., Rzepka, P., Kleiv, R.A., and Walder, P.S, in review.: Potential for copper leaching from the Nussir and Ulveryggen copper deposits operation using sub-sea tailings deposition.  To be submitted to Mine Water and the Environment, Submitted November, 2014.

Embile, Jr., R., Walder, I.F., Moricz, F., and Madai, F., and Walder, P.P. 2015: Grain size effect to mine water quality and Acid/Neutral Rock Drainage (A/NRD) production in Kinetic Testing using Recsk Porphyry Skarn deposit rocks.  Mine Water and the Environment, Accepted August, 2015. 

Moritz F., Madai, F., and Walder, I.F., 2011: Pyrite Oxidation Changes in Sulphidic Mine Wastes from the Itos Sn-Ag Deposit, Bolivia. IMWA 2011 conference, Aachen September 5-9, 2011, 683-688.

Walder, I., Wahlstrom, M., Twardowska, I., Kaartinen, K., and Drielsma, J.A. 2010: European waste characterisation standards for acid/neutral rock drainage prevention. Abstract and Article at Mine Closure 2010, Chile. November 23-26, 2010, pp 99-110.

Boon, R , Victoria, J., Block, H., Flores, J., Walder, I.F., 2009: First Screening for the Mitigation of Bolivian Historical Mining Wastes. Abstract with paper for the 9th ICARD, Sweden, July 2009.

Gonzalez, E., Walder, I.F., 2009: Modeling and evaluation of local groundwater quality adjacent to a weathering porphyry copper system, USA. Abstract with paper for the 9th ICARD, Sweden, July 2009.

Moricz, F., Walder, I.F., Madai, F., 2009: Geochemical and mineralogical characterization of waste material from Itos Sn-Ag deposit, Bolivia,   Abstract and article for the 9th ICARD, Sweden, July 2009.

Walder, I.F., Boon, R., and Victoria, J., 2008:  Mining prioritization for former important Bolivian mining Centers.  Extended abstract, Peruvian Geological Congress, October 2008.

Walder, I.F., Stein, T., and Shelly Jr, T., 2006:  Hydrogeological and Geochemical Characterization of a Waste Rock Pile from a Porphyry copper deposit in the semi-arid South West USA, Paper for the Int. Conf. on Acid Rock Drainage, St. Louis, USA, March 2006.

Walder, I.F., Blandford, N., and Shelly Jr, T.  2006:.  Pit Lake Water Quality Predictions in the Main Pit, Tyrone Mine, Paper for the Int. Conf. on Acid Rock Drainage, St. Louis, USA, March 2006.

Segalstad, T.V., Walder. I.F., and Nilssen, S.: Mining Mitigation in Norway and Future Improvement Possibilities. Paper for the Int. Conf. on Acid Rock Drainage, St. Louis, USA, March 2006.

Walder, I. F., Nilsen, S., Raisenen, M. L., Heikkinen, P., Pulkinen, K., Korka-Niemi, K., Salonen, V.-P., Destuoni, G., Hasche, A., Wolkesdorfer, CH., Witkowski, A. J., Blachere, A., Morel, S., Lefort, D., Midzic, S., Silajdzic, I., Coulton, R. H., Williams, K. P., Rees, B., Hallberg, K. B. & Johnson, D. B. (2005): Contemporary Reviews of Mine Water Studies in Europe, Part 2. – Mine Water Environ, 24 (1): 2—37.


Walder, I.F. and Bialecki, R., 2012: Method of Mineral leaching, Patent application submitted. International Patent office Sept. 5, 2013.  Accepted as patentable, November 2013.

Walder, I.F. 2011: Mineral CO2 leaching. Patent no P22597PC00, USA patent Application. September 2013.

Mining Guidelines

Walder, I.F. 2014: prSN/TR-9432, Sub-sea tailings evaluation guideline, Prepared for Norwegian Mining Association and Standard Norway.  Preliminary Standard, 99 pp.

Walder, I.F., 2013:  Sistema de Priorizacion de Proyectos Mineras de Inversion Soscio-Ambientales.  Published by Corporasion de Minera, Ministry of Mines, Bolivia, pp. 128.

CEN/TR 16376:2012, Characterization of waste – Overall guidance document for characterization of waste from extractive industries. (Walder, I.F. leading author)

CEN/TR 16365:2012, Characterization of waste – Sampling of waste from extractive industries. (Walder, I.F. leading author)

CEN/TR16363:2012, Characterization of waste – Kinetic testing for sulfidic waste from extractive industries. (Walder, I.F. leading author)