Jolante Van-Wijk

Jolante van Wijk
Associate Professor of Geophysics

Dept. of Earth & Environmental Science
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801

Office: MSEC 354
Phone: 575-835-6661
Fax: 575-835-6436

MS Utrecht University, The Netherlands

PhD Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Research Interests: Geodynamics; Basin Modeling, Petroleum System Modeling


Courses that I teach at New Mexico Tech:

Undergrad courses:   Earth Processes (ERTH101, ERTH101 Lab, ERTH 103 Lab)

Petroleum Geology (ERTH460)

Petroleum Exploration Geophysics (ERTH445)

Geodynamics (ERTH425)

Graduate courses:      Mantle mysteries and controversies (GEOL/GEOP571)

Imperial Barrel Award (GEOL/GEOP571)

Lithosphere extension (GEOL/GEOP571)

Petroleum Exploration Geophysics (GEOL/GEOP545)

Geodynamics (GEOL/GEOP525)


Current research projects:

Socorro Magma Body (modeling of the magma body to predict surface deformation)

Anadarko Basin: Petroleum System and Carbon Sequestration Project

Continental Breakup- Formation of Sheared Continent Margins (tectonic modeling of sheared margin formation)

Formation of Microcontinents (we developed a new model informed by potential field data)

Somali Basin Rifted Margin (seismic data interpretation)

Uinta Basin Petroleum System (petroleum system modeling study)

Rio Grande rift (structure, geodynamics and magmatism)



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