Mozley – Student Advisees

Current M.S. Student Advisees

Natasha Trujillo – BS Geology (2015) New Mexico Tech

Ohtark Kwon – BS Geology (2007) Pusan National University, Korea

Johnny Ray Hinojosa – BA Geology (2015) Williams College


Recent Graduates

Rose-Coss, Dylan – MS Geology (2017). Thesis: A refined depositional sequence stratigraphic and structural model for the reservoir and caprock intervals at the Farnsworth Unit, Ochiltree County TX.

Grigg, Joseph – MS Geology (2016). Thesis: Macroscopic and microscopic controls on mechanical properties of mudstones.

Kellie Kerner, MS Geology, 2015. Thesis: Permeability archetecture of faulted nonconformities: Implications for induced seismicity.

 Moftah El Shawaihdi, PhD Geology, 2015. Thesis: Geochronology, petrology, and stratigraphy of Neogene units in the Sahabi area, northeastern Sirt Basin, Libya.

Rosandick, Ben, MS Geology, 2014. Thesis: Lithologic controls on geomechanical properties of the Mancos Shale, eastern San Juan Basin, NM.

Gallagher, Sara, MS Geology 2014. Thesis: Depositional and diagenetic controls on reservoir heterogeneity: Upper Morrow Sandstone, Farnsworth Unit, TX.

Raduha , Stefan, MS Geology, 2013. Thesis: Influence of mesoscale features of the reservoir-caprock interface on fluid transmission into and through caprock.

Yong-Jae Oh, MS Geology, 2012. Thesis: Seal bypass implications of clastic injectites.

William (Graham) Payne, MS Geology 2011. Thesis: Caprock integrity of the Carmel Formation.