Phillips – Teaching

Courses I have taught include the following:

HYD 403/503: Groundwater Hydrology. Fundamentals of groundwater hydrology. The hydrologic cycle, Darcy’s law, aquifer parameters, steady and transient flow equations, well hydraulics, elementary multi-phase flow, groundwater recharge, watershed hydrology, geological controls on groundwater flow, well construction, and groundwater chemistry and pollution.

HYD 507: Hydrogeochemisty. The thermodynamics and aqueous chemistry of natural waters, with emphasis on groundwater. Chemical equilibrium concepts, surface chemistry, redox reactions, and biochemistry. The interaction of water with the atmosphere and geologic materials. Basic concepts applied to problems of groundwater quality evolution, water use, and groundwater contamination.

HYD 546: Contaminant Hydrology. The physics, chemistry, and biology of inorganic, organic, and microbial contaminants in groundwater and surface water systems. Mechanisms by which contaminants are introduced. Transport and transformations of contaminants in surface waters, the vadose zone, and the saturated zones. Movement, capillary trapping, and solubility of relatively immiscible organic liquids. Contaminant isolation and remediation techniques.

HYD 558: Environmental Tracers in Hydrology. Atomic structure and abundances of environmental isotopes. Stable isotope fractionation. Mass spectrometry. Applications of the stable isotopes of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon to meteorology and hydrology. Radioactive decay and radionuclide production. Applications of tritium, He-3, C-14, Cl-36, and other radionuclides. Application of Cl, Br, chloroflurocarbons and other environmental tracers to hydrologic problems.

HYD 571/572: Advanced Topics in Hydrology.

  • Field Methods in Vadose-Zone Hydrology- Fall 2001
  • Hydrology of the Rio Grande – Spring 1999
  • Isotope Hydrology – Spring 1998