Printing Policy

This policy covers all general-use printers in the above rooms and formalizes department support for faculty office printers. Users are encouraged to adopt electronic means for reducing paper printing whenever possible.

1. Printers in the Department are meant for work- and school-related printing.  Please refrain from printing personal items.

2. Student semester lab printing quotas (excluding the Xerox printer in 208) are $24 for fall/spring semesters and $12 for summer semester (double-sided counts as 2 pages). A charge of $.06 for black and white and $.15 for color will apply to any printing done over the quota. Quota timeframes are defined as follows: Spring (Monday of finals week the previous Fall to Monday of finals week in Spring); Summer (Monday of finals week in Spring to Monday of finals week in Summer); Fall (Monday of finals week in Summer to Monday of finals week in Fall).

3. Printing on the Xerox machine in 208 is separate from the $24/$12 page quotas and must be paid for with a fund number or cash. A charge of $0.05 for black and white and $0.10 for color will apply for each 8.5×11 and 8.5×14 page of print. A charge of $0.18 will apply for each 11×17 page of print.  Two-sided = 2 pages.

4. Users will be billed at the end of every month for Xerox printing.  With a report of quota filled for the lab printers, users will receive a bill for lab printing charges when applicable at the end of each semester.

5. TA, faculty, and staff lab printing and copying should be done on the Xerox in 208 where it can be properly accounted for and charged to the class and lab accounts (not possible on printers in rooms 239, 345, 353, 203). In particular, multiple copies for instructional use should be made in room 208.

6. For special large quantity print jobs, reams of paper can be obtained from the office or the printing can be done in the office printer (room 208).  Please see the office staff and supply a fund number or cash. The cost of paper is $3.60/ream.

7. The NMT GSA pays for printing final theses and dissertations.  If the GSA is unavailable to print, the Xerox in 208 may be used at the above stated charges.

8. Re-stocking of paper for the printers in the above labs will be done by the office staff on a daily basis.

9. Faculty general-use of paper for individual office printers will be covered by the department.

10. Users must have a valid email address on file with Systems Support Staff to ensure delivery of the print warnings and billing statements throughout the semester.

11. A student is defined as a graduate student currently enrolled for courses in the Earth and Environmental Science Department.