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Plotter Information

The HP DesignJet Z6100ps is a wide-format color inkjet printer that prints on rolls of paper that come in these widths:

    • 24″
    • 36″
    • 42″


The maximum resolution is 1200×1200 dpi. It uses pigment inks instead of dye-based inks (like the old plotter), so prints will be more fade resistant under fluorescent lights. They will still fade under UV light but not as fast. Click here to access HP’s website for more information.

This printer only accepts files in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Adobe PostScript level 3
  • TIFF
  • JPEG
  • RTL
  • HP-GL/2
  • CALS G4
  • Files should be less than ~50MB. Larger files can be processed but require more time, if you are printing a larger file please contact the plotter administrator before hand.

File Preparation Tips

  • Your poster should fit on paper either 36″ wide or 42″ wide. The advertised maximum print length is 175 meters, but in reality, this will depend on how much paper is on the roll.
  • The printer margins are 0.2 inches all around. Rolls of paper are a little short, i.e., 35.8″ and 41.8″ instead of 36″ and 42″. So best to allow 0.5″ margins to be safe. See illustration below. Only the area in blue will print.


  • Make sure your file is high resolution. If using Adobe Acrobat to create your file, don’t use the default settings. You have to go into Properties and select High Quality print.

How to Print

You must be a member of the EES department or affiliated with a member of the department to use this printer! People outside the department needing to use this printer will be considered on a special-case basis by the department chair.

All poster info must be emailed to

Give your file to the plotter administrator (via email, website, scratch disk, memory stick, etc.) with the following information:

  • Type of paper. (See table below.) And size of final poster (36 or 42in)
  • Quality: Fast, Normal-Fast, Normal, Best (higher quality, more ink)
  • NMT Account number. or cash if paying out of pocket. (NMT Student accounts can not be charged)
  • When you need it. If less than 24 hours, best to call and set up an appointment. For groups planning on printing 4 or more posters at a time, such as for a conference, contact plotter administrator.

Types of Paper in Stock

Type Widths Price/sq ft Suggested use
plain (uncoated) 36″ ~$0.04 lightweight paper, like copy paper; good only for very light ink coverage; use for text and line art, like architectural drawings or drafts (Fast ink coverage)
coated 42″ ~$0.13 lightweight paper, good for light to medium ink coverage, less bleed-through than uncoated, but it will ripple if you have blocks of ink coverage. Easy to tear or crease if hanging up. Don’t use if you have a printed background or photos.
heavyweight coated 36″ and 42″ ~$0.18 heavyweight paper, good for medium ink coverage, less apt to tear or crease than plain or coated; photos come out well
satin 36″ and 42″ ~$0.23 heavyweight, somewhat stiff paper, good for heavy ink coverage, photos come out beautifully, low-resolution photos are improved a little, tear resistant
gloss 36″ ~$0.21 heavyweight, somewhat stiff paper, good for heavy ink coverage, photos come out beautifully, low-resolution photos are improved a little, tear resistant, BUT very shiny — will reflect overhead lights reducing readability if you aren’t careful with your display angle
vinyl 36″ ~$1.37 good for outside use, water resistant, very thick, use for banners, grommets available

If you need paper in a size or type not shown, please contact the plotter administrator. HP makes lots of fancy papers, including canvas for fine art.


Jobs at least 4 feet long, are about $4-6 a running foot. Shorter posters are more expensive, but longer posters are cheaper! This is because each print job is assessed a fixed cost of $30.00 for equipment recovery. Then actual paper and ink costs are added to that. See the above table for paper costs. Ink costs vary depending on the coverage. For 100% ink coverage, the cost is about $0.40/sq ft. For 25% coverage, the cost is about $0.10/sq ft. The higher the quality, the more ink is used. So if you don’t need “Best” quality, choose Normal, Normal-fast, or Fast. Details on the plotter pricing are here.

Any mistakes made by the user i.e. something wrong with the original file, misspelling, poor photo quality, incorrect border, will be paid for by the user. Admin mistakes will be paid by the Dept.