Wilson – Students

Recent Advisees

Gomez, Jesus jdgomez at nmt.edu
B.S. Civil Engineering, 2005, Universidad Nacional Colombia at Medellin
M.S. Hydrology, 2008, New Mexico Tech

Ravindra Dwivedi ravindra at nmt.edu
B.Tech (2004) Institute of Technology (BHU) India
Research Project: Cave Micrometerology Modeling

Aaron P. Abel, MS 2007, CO2 Sequestration in the Permian Basin: Examination of Above-gound Mineralization and Subsurface Solubility Trapping Capacities and Evaluation of Dawsonite Kinetics in Geologic Sequestration.

Bayani Cardenas, PhD 2006, Dynamics of fluids, heat and solutes along sediment-water interfaces: a multiphysics modeling study. Currently at University of Texas at Austin, Department of Geological Sciences.

Huade Guan, PhD December 2005, Groundwater recharge in mountainous areas.

Justin Jayne, MS December 2004, Permeability upscaling: A modeling investigation of gas minipermeameters.

John M. Sigda, MS 1998, PhD 2004, Preferential flow and transport through deformation band faults in the semi-arid vadose zone of the Rio Grande Rift, New Mexico, USA. Currently a Geohydrologist at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.

Benjamin J. Lechler, MS 2002, Modification of existing and development of new methods for the measurment of the permeability of geologic materials using air-minipermeameters.

Ping Hu, MS 2001, Aqueous diffusion coefficients for chemicals of environmental and hydrological interest.

Roseanna Neupauer, PhD 2000, Receptor-based modeling of groundwater contamination. Currently at University of Virginia, Civil Engineering Department.

Robert Holt, PhD 2000, Impact of spatial bias due to measurement error in unsaturated hydraulic properties. Currently at University of Mississippi, Geology Department.

Eric Aronson, MS 1999, Modeling Investigations on Gas Permeameter: Spatial Weighting Functions and Layered Systems.

Tom Silverman, MS 1999, A Pore-Scale Experiment to Evaluate Enhanced Vapor Diffusion in Porous Media.

Vince Tidwell, PhD 1999, Laboratory Investigation of Permeability Upscaling. Currently at Sandia National Laboratory.

Jason Wise, MS 1999, Solute Mixing in a Fracture Junction Under Equal and Unequal Flow Conditions.